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Futurist, tech addict, and connector. Sean lives for solving problems that have not yet been thought of. Constantly looking towards the future and the breakthroughs that come with it.

Table of contents

  • About the Brand
  • Origin Story
  • Who We Are / What We Do
  • Live Streaming
  • Visuals
  • Web and Motion Design
  • Photography / Videography
  • Event Production / Project Management
  • Brand Strategy


What the hell is a PlampHaus?


plamp (n.) (combination of the words, “plant” and “lamp”)

a meme word referring to the vibes of a DJ livestream ascertaining to the presence of PLants + lava lAMPs, a noticeable recurring theme for online DJ sets.

PlampHaus started as a live streaming studio. Providing local DJ’s from the Seattle community a space to broadcast to the world, accompanied by custom visuals, community engagement and moderation.

What started as a passion project quickly transformed into a full fledged design studio.

With over 15 years of experience, PlampHaus offers its clients a range of creative services that enable the succcess of any project. While primarily focused on the music scene, our talents enable a host of creative areas. 

We provide our clients with Photography, Videography, Editing and Production, Graphic Design, Animation, Web Development, Marketing, Advertising, and Event Production.

Here at PlampHaus, If you have an idea, we can make it a reality.





PlampHaus was born as our world of entertainment was stopped dead in its tracks by the global pandemic and lockdown. With every ticket refunded or event postponed - it became clear that the year would be one of isolation. We would be cut off from our communities, our live entertainment, and our social hobbies.

That did not sit well with us.

After 15 years in tech, film, photography, graphic design, and a lifetime in overall nerdiness, our founder was more than equipped to create a space to allow local DJ’s to broadcast their music to the fans that were going to desperately need it to get through the lockdown.

Green screens were set up, equipment was purchased, a living room became a studio, and PlampHaus V1 was born, and the bat-signal was sent out to the local DJ community.

What came next was unexpected.

Over the course of the pandemic - PlampHaus collaborated internationally on several projects, while focusing primarily on two residency slots for Abracadabra.TV (BLOND:ISH’s daily twitch channel) PlampHaus had the pleasure of working with prominent names such as Anjuna, Listed, Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, and more. Locally, PlampHaus gave back to the Seattle scene by consistently providing live streams and recordings to  Shameless, Uniting Souls,  Hunt & Gather, and dozens of independent artists within the city.

As the lockdown began loosening up, those connections and creative endeavors translated into hybrid in-person/livestreamed events. And it became clear that there was a demand for a one stop shop for the skills that we provided. PlampHaus began expanding and now we find ourselves today with a team of creatives that love every second of our work.


PlampHaus promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within the creative community. It is this very mindset that has grown our creative circle, and allows us to rapidly assemble multi-diciplinary teams when needed. Sean Fischer is the lead, but the team that is assembled will be custom to your specific needs.


PlampHaus enables creatives to reach their goals while offering unique insight into various creative techniques and cutting edge technologies. We understand your ideas and help you navigate the best direction to make them come to life. We are constantly researching and exploring the newest tech, innovative creative endeavors, and best practices to ensure every project is cutting edge.


Stream your content to the world



The PlampHaus Studio is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. The studio is equipped with the following:
  • Multi Camera Setup (4-5)
  • Greenscreen Backdrop
  • Studio Lighting
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2
  • DJM-900NXS2
  • Sound System and Audio Moniors
  • Monitor/keyboard/mouse for chat interaction
  • High Speed internet/WiFi
  • PlampHaus provided or Custom Visuals running through Resolume Arena
  • OBS Studio running a multitude of plugins to create additional community engagement
  • Video Projector
  • Custom PC with top of the line GPU, RAM, and Perifferals for high quality and computer intensive visuals
  • RGB and Event Lighting
  • Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom, and seating for 5-10 guests


PRICING STARTS AT $150/hr For active work

PlampHaus will work with you to audit your custom location or venue and provide you a detailed plan with various options on how to best stream from that location. Upon approval of the proposal, PlampHaus will work with your team to setup equipment, provide custom visuals, moderate chat, and deliver a high quality professional stream regardless of location. Our team has worked on-location at multiple event venues, outdoor events, and private gatherings, and are very familiar with the dynamics of setup and problem solving on location.Remote Streaming Proposals will come with the following suggestions:
  • Equipment needed, including rental fees for PlampHaus owned equipment
  • Internet audit and suggestions to optimize the quality and reliability of the stream
  • Camera and Lighting Placement
  • Audio equipment needed to optimize sound in the space
  • Staff suggestions to enable optimal setup/teardown


If you are interested in learning more about livestreaming, PlampHaus provides consultations either in-person or virtual. Through our extensive work in the industry, and exploration into different platforms, technologies, hardware, and commiunities - we are able to provide you with insight or direction into your livestreaming career.


    Beyond the basic green screen

    By now we've become accustomed to standard green screen visuals. Take a look at how we superimposed multiple versions of Pezzner in the video. We like to push the envelope of what you can do with green screens. And we're always excited to try something new.

    Audio and content reactive visuals

    Part of what makes the PlampHaus magic is that we are constantly thinking of ways to compliment the artists we're working with. Whether it be specific VFX on the drop of a track, or simply adding to the stream by inserting a perfectly timed video. We're confident that every artist we work with will have a unique creative relationship with us.

    FIND YOUR VIBE With custom visuals

    Whether you're in the market for custom visuals, or if you are still discovering your style of visuals, you can rely on us to steer you in the right direction. We have a network of visual artists that are available for custom work. And we're constantly scouring the internet for different vibes. No matter what the style of artist, we're confident we can find or create a bank of visuals that you'll love.



    PlampHaus is the newest iteration of a web and branding firm known as Divergent Design Studio. This studio was active for roughly 12 years. Throughout those years, we worked with roughly 100 clients extending over multiple industries. We carry all of our experience from those years to every project we tackle at PlampHaus. Including this very website.


    • Branding
    • Websites
    • Print
    • UI/UX
    • Presentations
    • Posters


    • Coca Cola Enterprises
    • Arrested Development
    • BLOND:ISH (Chakratastic)
    • 3Discovered
    • Gold Leaf Gardens



      In today's world of social media, you need something that will make your content rise above the rest. Whether it be promotional videos, after movies, animated flyers, or teaser trailers, PlampHaus has you covered. We work in both Final Cut and Creative Suite to make sure whatever we're delivering is editable for our clients.


      Sean Fischer, Owner of PlampHaus, started his journey studying photography and videography at Brooks Institute of Photography. These skills are constantly used in every aspect of PlampHaus.


      plamphaus can wrangle it all for you


        PlampHaus has been a part of producing 50+ events as of 2022, and is very familiar with what makes a party successful. We provide event production and project management services to our clients that need some help understanding all the small things that might slip through the cracks. Here is a list of some, but not all of the services we provide.

        • Vendor lists and communications
        • Lighting Design
        • Sound Design
        • Talent Acquisition and Scheduling
        • Venue Acquisition and Communications
        • Budgeting
        • Animated and Scheduled Social Media
        • Live Streaming for additional exposure